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About Us

About Angry Mojo Games

Based out of Orlando, Florida, Angry Mojo Games LLC is the brainchild of three lifelong friends with decades of experience in table top gaming. 

Our goal is simple; to provide affordable and fun accessories for existing games, and new games in the role playing, card, miniature skirmish and warfare categories.

Angry Mojo Games currently offers cheap, durable, laser-cut MDF terrain for miniatures games of all varieties.

Meet the gang:



Having served as the group's GM/DM for the majority of Role Playing games, Andrew is an experienced and well versed story teller as well as having a freakishly encyclopedic knowledge of rules for dozens of different systems and game types. 

He is an excellent story teller and in addition to working on the engineering of products we are working on is very involved with the local gaming community running games, participating in Malifaux and Warhammer tournaments as well as co-founding the local Dreadball influence. 



This majestic ginger has surprised everyone at Angry Mojo Games with his aptness for the drafting software used to create templates to be worked with the laser. 

Josh is the creator of the collapsible movement templates we are planning to roll out in the near future as well as the token sets, sports pitch and deck box. 

John (Choxie)


The group's resident crazy person/tech support.  His responsibilities include building this website (sorry), keeping everything working as well as assisting the other two with R&D.   

If you see this man in public avoid direct eye contact and take cover in the nearest brightly lit area (he loathes direct sunlight.)