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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: The Hit List

Saturday marks the beginning of my first real shot at Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Internetland currently buzzes with information and reviews, mostly positive with some criticism thrown in for good measure. As an experienced DM, I have quite a few things I'm looking forward to seeing in practice, as merely reading the [...]

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Deck Box Drop Test!

So this weekend was busy. Fun but very busy.We assembled early Saturday and continued working very hard on research and development of additional products. I personally spent a few hours adding additional products and pictures to our website with Andrew while Josh and Mikey went out to spend time with our first retail partner over [...]

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Roleplaying and Storytelling.

Greetings and welcome back.Starting this following Saturday, our normal group is convening to begin trying out the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. I know a lot of people are curious about the new edition, and though the Player's Handbook has been available for a few weeks now, a good read is no substitute [...]

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We've discussed the importance of language, the danger of using said language for evil rather than good, and a bit on the difference between common use and technical language. Now, my friends it's time to bring this together and end this diatribe of over-intellectualized nonsense. As we move into the murky depths of [...]

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Giving Back.

I am writing this after a busy weekend.Josh and I were having a discussion Saturday night about our goals and how we have been letting time get away from us a bit.Sunday afternoon we began hitting it hard, not only with getting more designs cut up on the laser but putting forth great effort on [...]

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Technical vs. Common Use: FIGHT!

Hello everyone and welcome back. I know some of you are probably wondering where I'm getting to with this whole terminology thing, and I promise to reveal it in time. There's just one more bit of background to this particular painting I need to brush in before getting to the subject. Today [...]

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Terms? Insults!

Welcome back, hopefully you enjoyed my previous post about the exciting world of game terminology. If not, I'm not sure why you're here. All this talk of language and labels has a point I'll be getting to, but some groundwork needs to be laid first for my argument to make any sense.First among [...]

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Terminology, Gaming, and YOU!

I think it's a relatively safe assumption that just about anyone reading this will be a fan of tabletop games. Everyone here at Angry Mojo Games plays avidly, we're passionate enough about our hobby to bring it to a professional level and open up a company after all. With that said, I've noticed [...]

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