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Posted by Choxie on

Hello all you out there.  

It has been another busy couple of months.  I find it a shame that sometimes we let this blog go by the wayside.  Especially considering that we have much to talk about.

In the interim 5 months since the last blog entry, we have started doing a great many things!

First off, we have a web broadcast now Wednesday nights at 8:30pm.  It is a hobby gathering called Sprues and Glue.  The three creators of Angry Mojo Games sit around a table and chat whilst assembling/painting/crafting hobby stuffs.  Occasionally we branch out into other things, like that one time we did a live feed of our laser cutting out a clock tower.  Pretty fun stuff and there will be more entertaining subject matter as we all start getting back into the groove of things.

Also, you may or may not have seen, we have been sponsoring a lot of tournaments and events lately.  Being able to supply these organizers with enough terrain for their tables without them having to fund-raise huge amounts of capitol is exactly one of the tenets we had on creating this company to begin with. 

I accidentally got Josh and Andrew into Pokemon cards. So that's a thing.  But a very cool thing.  We were lucky enough to get to provide some really nice poison and burning tokens for a Pokemon event held by crew!  The two trophies were etched and hand painted by us as well. 

We also began work and talking about said work on two new games.  Well we talk about one of them anyway.  So yes, we are a game company as well as terrain and bits.  

Look forward to more information about Primates of the Caribbean soon!  Below is a picture from one of our first alpha-testing games.  

So yes.  In addition to all that above, we are still designing bigger and better.  It will be exciting to see all of the things we are working hard on come to fruition.  

Stay tuned for more news as we slowly beign to remember we have a blog!