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A Season of Thanks

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I know it's cliche and a little bit trite to post some syrupy words about what we're thankful for, but I'm going to do it anyway.  And you can't stop me.  You're not the boss of me.  Except you, Will Wheaton, you might be.

From the moment we started this company, Angry Mojo Games has received an incredible amount of support from the tabletop gaming community.  You may not realize it, but every time you mention our name at a LGS, on a forum, or while staring at the mirror at night, you make us stronger.  For this, we thank you all.

Becasue SEO is a thing, and backlinks are important, I'd like to take this opportunity to list some of the more prominent events and people that have given us traffic.

The Michigan GT

One of our Kickstarter backers contacted us about a big tournament he was running, and this caused the word to get out amongst the organizers of the entire event.  If you're in the area next year, check them out.

The Iron Halo

Located in Oklahoma, this ITC tournament had a lovely showing and provided a $500 cash prize to the winner.  That's a lot of cheddar!  I know the logo is for ITC, but I couldn't find an Iron Crown logo.

Scions of Olympus

This Chicago gaming club plays pretty much everything under the sun.  If you're in the area, check them out!

Dice of Legends

One of our Kickstarter backers lives about 90 minutes away from us, and we got to meet him at The Crucible last year.  Turns out he's a hell of a terrain painter, and loves Bolt Action.  His event ran as smooth as any I've seen, and the group he got for the tournament was such a group of stand-up gentlemen, I got into their game and have been having a ton of fun with it.  Check out his blog, it's got some really good stuff in it.

Spiraling Cadaver

This gentleman ran a review of some of our terrain earlier, and gave it an absolutely bang-up paint job.  If you haven't checked out his stuff, holy monkey should you!  He posted a picture of his Dreamer from Malifaux, and words don't do it justice.

I mean, holy crap.  I have no other words for that.

Mats by Mars

Finally, for this installment at least, we have our friends over at Mats by Mars.  Alex and Mario have been involved in the Malifaux community for longer than I have, and a little bit ago they approached us about a collaboration we're going to make available over the Black Friday weekend.  These guys make some gorgeous playmats, I have one I use for every game of Malifaux I play.  And for those paying attention, that's a lot of games.  It's been holding up wonderfully, and I'm so happy it's vinyl rather than neoprene.  That mouse pad stuff really doesn't hold up over the long term, not with the amount of gaming I do.

So that's this round.  Next time I post, I'll go down the list of local tournaments and organizers that have been helping us out.  This hobby has such an amazing community, and we really are thankful for every one of you.