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Deck Box Drop Test!

Posted by Choxie on

So this weekend was busy. Fun but very busy.

We assembled early Saturday and continued working very hard on research and development of additional products.

I personally spent a few hours adding additional products and pictures to our website with Andrew while Josh and Mikey went out to spend time with our first retail partner over at Mini Duels.

With that partnership, we're able to not only have product readily available in a brick and mortar outlet, but also directly communicate and draw valuable input from our target demographic to further refine our offerings to suit their interests and preferences.

Keep your eyes peeled as we ended the day with a meeting about further growing our existing product lineup in the very near future with some terrain element scatter packs.

These packs will include some very interesting terrain pieces that we've never seen on a gaming table. The type of stuff that could really make a gaming table pop and give the players a lot of interesting variables in game play.

So with this blog post comes our first offering into the world of videos. It was a good way to kill a few minutes on a Sunday afternoon between naps. There will be another one following up this weekend perhaps that will serve as an instructional piece for the assembly of our Deck Box. Possibly a second video offering the assembly instruction for assembling our collapsible movement trays sometime after that.