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Giving Back.

Posted by Choxie on

I am writing this after a busy weekend.

Josh and I were having a discussion Saturday night about our goals and how we have been letting time get away from us a bit.

Sunday afternoon we began hitting it hard, not only with getting more designs cut up on the laser but putting forth great effort on continuing R&D as well as getting our initial product line up on the website. We will be continuing to add to it periodically.

Collectively, Andrew, Josh, and I have about 50 years of tabletop, role-playing, and miniature gaming experience between us.

That is 50 years of experiencing the best and worst that this wonderful industry has to offer.

When we talked about starting this company, money was never the primary focus. It is a focus, born of necessity for ensured survival. Our primary focus is to make our mark on the industry to which we've each invested not just hard earned money, but also a staggering amount of time from our adolescence and adulthood.

We live in an amazing time where new textiles, materials, and technology are not only being discovered, but becoming readily available to mainstream society. This means that our creativity and imaginations can be applied to gaming in new and exciting ways.

Our company is about doing just that and at prices that should encourage our fellow gamers to explore new ways to enjoy these amazing hobbies.

Keep checking back on us periodically, as we have a lot of great ideas coming!