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Kickstarter and Things

Posted by Choxie on

What can I say?

We had no idea that the pledges would come as quickly as they have. We are currently sitting at 356% of our funding goal at the time I am writing this.

You all have exceeded our expectations, and further more, really have been pivotal in making this as successful as it has been thus far.

At this juncture, we have put in all the stretch goals we can comfortably include without going to add-on pledges.

Andrew, Josh, and I have been busy working on finalizing designs for the current pledges by including some additional textures and design elements.

I know that I am wrapping up final design work on the chapel for the Ruins and Rubble box today before resuming design work on the prototype for the Spanish Mission Big Box.

This kickstarter has also presented very interesting ways to work with other organizations in the community through invites to conventions and charitable events.

I'll close by saying again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Keep the feedback coming!

Choxie Out!