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Painting Tutorial: Mancha Roja

Posted by Andrew on

Today I sat down and began my part of a community event run by the few, but fine, folks discussing Malifaux over at  We're all doing a group painting of a full 50ss Malifaux crew in the month of November, and I decided to start up with my Wong box as soon as the buzzer rang.  I thought "Hey, Andrew.  You need website content.  Why not show people how you did him?"

So here he is.

As a disclaimer, the hobby aspect of miniatures is very much a personalized thing.  I use a lot of techniques differently than most, and I don't consider myself to be a particularly good painter.  I tend towards "high tabletop standard" when I put my mind to it.  That being said, let's begin!

Here we have the model unassembled on the sprue, with the scenic base from Micro Arts I'm using.  I like scenic bases, and with a game like Malifaux where you only have a few figures on the table, you can really go all-out on basing without treading down the path of a full time job.  First, I cleaned and assembled my beautiful figure.

And here he is in his assembled glory.  Look at those arms, what a lovely specimen of gremlin he is.  Next he goes outside, and a coat of primer goes on.

I use black P3 primer, I like how it covers as well as the shape of the spray.  Next, I sit down and begin slapping paint on him.

The first coat of paint is GW Waaaagh Flesh on the skin of both Mancha Roja and the unfortunate spectator he's using as a truncheon.  For the new painters, feel free to be sloppy with basecoats like this.  You'll paint over your mistakes later anyway.

While I'm waiting for the Waaaagh Flesh to dry, I put a coat of Woodstain Brown from the Reaper Master Series on the woody parts of the base.  I went ahead and threw on the flash for this pic, just to show you the color.  Reaper paints tend to be very dark on their shadows, but they add a wonderful dark shade if you don't feel like using a wash.

Next we move back to the skin, and run a wash of GW Biel-Tan Green over all the Waaaagh Flesh.  For the new painters, a wash is a thinner color that settles into the recessed areas of a miniature, helping you add shadows.

This is where my techniques start to vary from standard layering.  Using GW Warboss Green, I feather along the musculature to add the first layer of highlights.  Feathering is using short, quick brush strokes in a very controlled manner moving upwards along whatever you're painting.  For instance, here I began at the wrists and worked my way up the arm, crossing the strokes along the beefy muscles.  If you're new, this is a variant on a standard technique called "layering," where progressively lighter shades are added to the raised parts of the model.  See how I left the shadows their darker color? 

Another layer of feathering on the muscles, this time using GW Skarsnik Green.  I added some GW Zandri Dust to the teeth and eyes of both gremlins as well.

Now I go ahead and feather out a tiny bit of GW Nurgling Green on his belly and raised pecs.  I also ran a quick wash of GW Carroburg Crimson over Mancha's teeth.

Our final step on the skin is a drybrush of GW Underhive Ash.  To drybrush, take a crappy brush that's on it's way out, dip it in the paint, and wipe almost all of it off the brush with a paper towel.  Then, run very light, quick strokes over the area, and watch the magic happen.  This is a very easy way to do simple highlights, and I've seen some very impressive models use nothing but trybrushing.  With this, our skin is now complete, and it's time to move onto that flowing cape.

I start by basecoating the entire cape with a layer of GW The Fang.  This will take some time to dry, so I'm going to move to other parts of the model while I wait.

Back to the base, a heavy drybrush of Reaper Shield Brown makes the detail on the logs pop.  You can manually highlight that stuff, but that way leads madness.  And painting awards.  I follow that up with a light drybrush of Driftwood Brown from Reaper, and the logs are done.  Easy peasy.

While I'm waiting for the cape to finish drying, I touch the eyes, teeth, and claws of the gremlins with a little bit of GW Ushabti Bone.  Be careful with those teeth, they're tiny.

Now we start seeing the feathering shine.  Feather along all the raised areas of the cape with GW Russ Grey.  The cape has a lot of billowing detail, and is a good place to practice this technique.

I feather up another layer, this time with GW Fenrisian Grey.

The final bit of feathering is done using GW Ulthuan Grey, only on the very tops of the cape.  That part is done, time to move on.

Teeth, eyes, claws, a dab of GW Screaming Skull to wrap them up.

Mancha Roja is a luchadore, so I want him to be very colorful.  I decide to make his mask and pants a bright, screaming yellow, so I base them with GW Averland Sunset.  This is a good showcase to the GW base paints, what you see here is a single coat of yellow over black.  Craziness.  Now this is a little bit too bright for my shadows, so I'm going to bring it down a bit.

While I'm waiting for the yellow to dry, I go ahead and dab a bit of GW Screamer Pink on the spectator's tongue, followed by a highlight of GW Pink Horror.

More drying time, so I move to the mushrooms on the base.  I use GW Warpstone Glow on the caps, then dot them with GW Moot Green.  On the bottoms, I use GW Zandri Dust.

Once the pants and mask are dry, I run a generous wash of GW Seraphim Sepia over them, making sure to do a second coat on the backside of his pants.  This is when I find out that Wyrd sculpted his butt.  Thanks for that.  I also use the same wash on the bottoms of those mushrooms.

Next, we do a highlight layer on the pants and mask with GW Yriel Yellow.

Then it's time for a final highlight of GW Flash Gitz Yellow.  Now that Mancha Roja is a proper fashion disaster, I call him done and move to the clothing on his little helper.

First, we basecoat his shirt with GW Celestia Grey.

While that is drying, the rocks on the base get a quick coat of GW Mechanicus Grey Standard

Then he gets a highlight of GW Ulthuan Grey.  He's so happy he gets to join the match!

I finish the highlighting on the shirt with GW White Scar.

I've decided that this spectator is a fan of Mancha.  Using GW Abbadon Black, I write a letter "M" on his shirt, and run a coat around the lip of the base.

I'm skipping steps.  I did a drybrush of GW Administratum Grey on the rocks.  Silly me.

Gremlins wear blue jeans.  Because reasons.  I basecoat the spectator's pants with Reaper Ultramarine Shadow, and highlight it with Reaper Ultramarine Blue.

We wrap up the pants with Reaper Ultramarine Highlight.

The mossy bits get a coat of Reaper Highland Moss followed by a drybrush of Reaper Pale Lichen.

As the final touch, I use GW Khorne Red to write the "R" on the shirt.

And here we have the final results.  This was a really fun model to paint, I'll continue with the rest of the crew box and throw another tutorial out there if I do something different.