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Post-Kickstarter, Pre-Holiday Mayhem!

Posted by Choxie on

Well it's been a bit since we've contributed here as we've been extremely busy with the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign.

The amount of support/interest for our product exceeded our wildest expectations. 205 backers and 572% of our goal!

Out of that 205, we have to ship out 195 orders. We anticipated originally that with the kickstarter ending on November 7th, that the money from it would probably take a week or two to get to us, hence the original fulfillment begins in December estimate.

By the 10th of November we had received the majority of the kickstarter funds and hit the ground running. We picked up our upgraded tube and power supply right away.

After installing and realigning everything, we began to experience more and more problems for the next two weeks until the laser ceased firing.

I called the company we get our parts from and found out they were supposed to sell us an upgraded water chiller for the new tube. Not having that chiller turned out to be a hasty death sentence for our new tube. By the time we got the new chiller installed the tube's goose was cooked.

Lucky for us, we have a short drive to the supplier for laser parts and they were extremely helpful troubleshooting the issues over the phone on Thanksgiving night, when the laser quit firing all together.

Friday morning, I drove the dead tube across town to get it checked and, once it was found to in fact be dead, quickly left with a working replacement.

Josh and I spent the better part of the afternoon redoing the alignments one more time and at about 4pm, we began churning out the first fully cut out production panels this machine has done.

The rest of the weekend was spent with one of the three of us, mostly Andrew, loading production panels onto the laser and packing the kits as they came off.

From having one done to having the first 5 backers taken care of is a great feeling given all of the frustration we've been dealing with these curve balls.

We're looking to keep the production going as quickly as possible and maintain the ahead of schedule status.

I'll be announcing the moment we get instructions for the assembly of these kits up as well should be any day now.

Thanks again to all our friends and family and most importantly our backers for all of your support.

The picture is to show what we have purchased and how we've spent a little bit of the money made with the kickstarter to improve our operation thus far.