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New Year, New Army

Posted by Andrew on

Greetings and salutations, blog readers.  It is I, Andrew, here to regail you with the first chapter in a story everyone in the gaming industry would love for you to emulate; New Year, New Army.  After painting my Ghar from the Beyond the Gates of Antares starter set, I decided I might as well get the starter army.  And some blisters.  Nothing else, I promise that's where I intended to stop all along and my decision to call it there had nothing to do with nothing else being available for the faction so I can't buy anything else and I can stop whenever I want so don't judge me.

But I digress.

I started out with some squad trays, you should be able to find them on our webstore, and painted them XV-88 (Games Workshop) with a quick drybrush of I think Zamesi Desert (Also Games Workshop).  There's some ballast on there as well, put on before the primer.  My outcasts have a base of ratskin flesh (Games Workshop, again) with a Reikland Fleshshade (Games Workshop, man I use a lot of those), followed by Bright Skin (Reaper MSP) and Bright Skin (Reaper again).

Can't see too much in the picture, mostly an overall progression deal.  Like those fancy finished walkers in the back?  Here's a close up.

Bam, look at all that sexy red.  And here's the test figure for the outcasts!

With that face, I almost feel bad for my cannon fodder.  Almost.  And now, as a public service announcement, be careful with zip kicker if you use it.  If there's super glue on your hands, it can cause a chemical burn.  I wound up with this little guy after fixing my disruptor cannon.

That's all for now, I'll be posting my progress.

Happy gaming, Mojo out.

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