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Up to speed.

Posted by Choxie on

Over the past month since calling it done on our kickstarter fulfillment and launching our new web store, we've been taking it slow.  

First of all, let me say one last time, thank you to all of our kickstarter backers.  

Without you all, this would not have been possible.

Since finalizing the last few backer rewards that went out, we've all had the chance to sit down and get some additional design work in on things we simply would not commit time to while fulfillment was in progress. In addition to this, we three have gotten to do things we have put off since October of last year, namely actually play games. 

Andrew and Josh finally got me over my tipping point or I stopped digging my heels in and I have gotten into Malifaux.  Also a bunch of us in the local gaming community are waiting for our figures to come in for the Batman game made by Knight Models.

As you may or may not have seen, we finished the steamboat, are are currently working on terrain for an old west style boom town, adding things to the mission kit, as well as rolling new kits out regularly.

In the spirit of trying some new things, we recently started working with acrylics as well. This has enabled us to put out some token sets that really pop for a lot of tabletop games. 

We have been taking it a little slow with promoting our web store, mainly choosing to stick to talking about it in forums and purchasing a banner ad on several table top gaming websites.  I am currently considering some form of paid advertisement in another venue but we're still collecting data on all of that.  

The traffic to the web store has so far been slow and steady and the customers have all been really awesome.  

If you've gotten anything from us like terrain and have it assembled and painted, we would love to see it.  In the near future I am thinking about offering store credit for the use of those images on the product pages to show potential customers what their kits could look like all decked out.  

Well, that's about it for now.  Happy Gaming Everyone!