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Posted by Choxie on

Every once in awhile, I take a few moments to recap the goings on behind the scenes with the company and what we have experienced, learned, etc.  

I can say with certainty that the past month has been, in fact, bananas.

In the month of February, we were unfortunately stuck with a laser that was operating less time than being down.  We experienced another laser tube burning out prematurely, it is assumed to manufacturer's defect, in the midst of trying to finish production on the last of the kickstarter fulfillment kits.

As  you may or may not have seen, we did set up a small booth at The Crucible tournament in Orlando here.  This was to showcase our upcoming product line, and we did not offer anything from the kickstarter for sale, to the disappointment of many.  

We did sell a few token sets, and some supplements for Warmachine, but that is it.  Our aim in attending was not to make a few bucks, it was to meet and greet with potential future retail partners and we did just that. 

Congratulations to Patrick Ballinger, he won a copy of our upcoming River Boat kit.  We will be sending that out to him this month after we finally finish the kickstarter.

If you're a kickstarter backer, thank you again for your patience in waiting for us to get the last few kits out.  We are hoping to have it wrapped in the next week, week and a half.  If you have written messages through kickstarter or emailed directly, let me just once more apologize for any communication delays. 

As you may have noticed, our website has also completely changed and is now a might bit more functional.  This was in preparation for us finally putting focus on making our product available in our web store finally.  When I made the switch to the new platform, our email just decided to stop working, the result of doing IT work while still reeling from the whopping 10 hours of sleep I got the past week.  So at 9pm last night I got into that and it is once again functional. 

I know I speak for us all when I say I am looking forward to having fulfillment finished as soon as possible.  We have a lot of exciting stuff planned for the future and once our backers are all served their pledge rewards we can focus fully on bringing this stuff to fruition.  

More to come!